'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 2.5.13, Afternoon

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Nurit P, Yehudit Levin (reporter/photographer) - Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

This week  a settler was stabbed to death by a Palestinian while waiting for a ride near Za'atra checkpoint, and this is when the media and the people of Israel remembered that there are Palestinians and that they have a land.


Detaineesinfo-icon at the Za'atra checkpoint

Police vehicles and Policemen on road 60.

Signs of fire on the mountain not too far from, the village of Burin.


14:20 Azun Atma checkpoint   A command car stops and soldiers get off and patrol the area. The site is still not too busy with workers returning early.


14:45 Zatara checkpoint     Four young Palestinians detained with their back to the checkpoint's fence, soldiers aim their guns at them, as well as the guard on top of the tower.


15:20  The Awarta shooting rangesoldiers practice shooting.

The Awarta checkpoint is closed ,as always, by a yellow handed gate. There is no crossing from here to Nablus.


15:25  Hawara checkpoint Apparently there is a soldier at the guard tower near the inspection cabins. For the first time we saw loud speakers on top of the tower. We have not seen  a soldiers guarding at the hitch-hike station. Presence of military vehicles is notices in the entire area.

15:45 The Burin Hawara and road 60 cross road    A military  vehicle is parked on the road where road forks are spread. Two armed soldiers direct traffic. Only Israeli vehicles are allowed through. There is no single Palestinian vehicle driving on this road these days.


15:48 Road 60   At the turn to the settlement of Yizhar parked various police vehicles and police officers patrol the area to avoid riots. Going up the hill not too far from the Gilad farm there are signs of fire on the mountain not too far from the village of Burin. We saw a clatter of private cars inside the settlement for what appeared as a gathering of some sort.


15:50 The Jit cross road  Before going up to the village of Sara and the Jit cross road there is a military road block. Two armed soldiers aiming their guns at Palestinians vehicles in the direction of Sara. From here they'd be forced to proceed to Nablus as they are not allowed to use road #60 in the direction of Burin-Hawara, due to security situation.


15:55Shevut Ami holder  - An Israeli flag is hoisted there