'Azzun 'Atma, Kifl Harith, Qira, Shomron Crossing, Wed 1.5.13, Morning

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Niza A., Harriet G. (reporting)

Activity with women


Translation: Yael Bassis-Student


9:15   We drove with Nadeem from the train station. Niza and I drove to the village of Keera.  Dahlia, Suzy and Ruthie went with Dvorka to the village of A-Deek. An automobile accident caused traffic jams at Kafar Kassem.


9:55  We crossed the Samaria passage without inspection. Two military vehicles were parked by the side of the road opposite the settlement of Adi-Zahav.


10:05 We entered the village of K Haret where children were playing in the street. We arrived at the Keera social club. Electric power and running water were resumed after class has begun.


10:30 Harriet taught English to a group of 12 women. We expanded our vocabulary and played a role-playing game. Its topic was our future visit to Jaffa.


11:30 Niza taught a class of introduction to printing methods and design. The women were most interested and prepared materials for the following week. A good relationship was developed between Niza and the group and they were happy to hear that she was coming back within a week. Today all but one are dressed in black. Next week I'll inquire into that. Niza feels that the women are great. Two daughters of one woman joined the class after their school day.


12:45 We met other members of our group and drove to A'zun and Atma to watch the building of the new road which replaces the old one which went through the village.


13:30   We returned to the train station at Rosh ha'aein.