'Izbet alTabib, Qira, Zeta

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Harriet, Rikki, Rachel A. (reporting), Nadim Guest: A friend of Harriet’s Translator: Charles K.
Seriously? Does this make us safer?


At Dvorka’s request we drove to Izbet Tabib after class ended in Qira and Zeita.

At about 13:00 we reached the road to the village, which was blocked by large boulders.

The Palestinians tried to move them so there would be barely enough room for small vehicles to get through.  Nadim’s vehicle couldn’t make it.

A man who lived on that road came to speak with us; Harriet recorded the conversation.

Here’s what I remember:

For a few days now, soldiers have been coming to the village, entering homes, throwing stun grenades, frightening the residents.  Yesterday three youths were detained and released after a brief interrogation.

Last night, at 02:30, he and his family were awakened by the noise of bulldozers and saw the soldiers blocking the road.

They’re still able to leave via Azzun.

We tried to understand from him the reason for the current violence, but weren’t able to.  He said there’s no stone-throwing from the village.  Nor is anything new regarding the school or the protest tent.

The village is located in Area C, so the IDF can do whatever it pleases.

An IDF Hummer arrived while we were there, drove around and left.

The same things happen elsewhere.  In Burin, for example, during the weeks following the olive harvest, or in Azzun for many years now, or in Hebron for many years, etc.

We stayed for about half an hour.  There were a few children around.  The schools were on strike today because of a controversy with the teachers. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t add anything that hasn’t already been reported.