'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, Burin (Yitzhar), Habla, Huwwara, Jama'in, Za'tara (Tapuah)

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Petahya A., Reba B. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.


13:15  Habla.  Few people crossing, mainly workers at the plant nurseries.  The checkpoint hours aren’t posted on the gate.  The soldiers said the sign came off in the rain, and they’re taking care of it.  But Petahya says there was no sign last week either!


13:50  Azzun.  As of now the gate is open.


14:15  Huwwara checkpoint.  One soldier in the tower, two at the checkpoint.  A car with two passengers, coming from Auja in the Jordan Valley on its way to Nablus is detained because the inspection found a long knife in the trunk.  When we arrived, the men (aged 50+) had already been there for two hours!!  The passenger was being driven by his friend for a medical examination because he didn’t feel well.  His appointment was for 13:30.  It’s freezing cold outside; we phone the humanitarian office, asking them to intervene.  It takes time…


15:10  Burin.  Meanwhile we drive to Burin to see what’s going on with Munir’s land which was plowed over the weekend when soldiers weren’t manning the adjacent post.  It looks ok.  We kept in touch with the humanitarian office, asking them to speed up the release of the vehicle and its riders.


15:30  The Gav HaHar community police officer arrived.  He behaved humanely to the detaineesinfo-icon, examined the knife.  While he was there, their ID numbers were checked; as soon as the response came the police officer returned the knife, which was a farm implement for use in the date groves!  They drove off.


16:30  Za’tara (Tapuach) junction.  Four cars being inspected, including by dogs and their handlers.


16:40  At the entrance to Jama’in are five Palestinian vehicles which are apparently waiting for laborers living in the village who are returning from work; a few people are also waiting, and also a military vehicle (a mobile command post) – we don’t know why.


17:10  Azzun Atma.  Eight people on line.  Many vehicles and additional people in the lot beyond the checkpoint.  Darkness arrives to hidel the occupation.  An impressive stone wall is being constructed west of Azzun Atma, in place of the wire fence.  It’s apparently a way to annex Palestinian land that will remain outside the fence.