'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

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Nura R., Hanna P. reporting. Natanya translating
6.00 Azzun Atma.  Outside the checkpoint  are few people and about 100 in the line. At the side a worker has been caught. Nura asked the soldier to free him but she said that he had to be educated.
Outside a worker waited to be checked because he is working on the fence which is being built around Azzun Atma.
Two more illegal workers arrived and one of the soldiers begin to abuse them. In spite of the cold he demanded that they sit on the floor. The one had a bad leg but the soldier threatened to send him to jail. Another soldier arrived and began to check their pockets.
 The line is not long, about 30 people but there is loud shouting.
07.10 A bus arrives with children and the driver is checked.
7.20 a minibus with a few children. The checking is slow and the line does not advance. We spoke to one worker who complained:
1.      At 6.30 when the gate is to be opened the soldiers were sitting next to the gate, smoking, free and at peace while the workers stood in the line and waited.
2.      The soldiers did not allow them to take through another parcel of clothes for those working outside the nurseries. 
3.      No decent attitude towards the women and they have to wait for long time.
7.35 The line is long, (about 50) people and in another 10 minutes the gate will be close.  Then the commander orders the soldiers to send them through quickly in 10s. Now this is possible.