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Meira W. and Marcia L. (Reporting)

05:10  When we got out of the car in Qalandiya’s parking lot, we saw that the line of workers extended from the carousels to the parking lot.  Despite the long line which didn’t move quickly, no one was shouting as is usually the case. The quiet in the area was somewhat strange. When we arrived inside, we saw only 3 inspection gatesinfo-icon were open.  We told the woman soldier on duty in the aquarium who had come out to smoke, that the line was very long.  She returned inside and opened the carousels again, in order that more workers could pass through to the inspection gates.   At 05:20 the supervisor arrived and when he saw the long line, he again opened the carousels and allowed many workers to enter the inspection gate area.  At the same time, two more inspection gates opened and the stream of workers consistently continued to pass through.  There were some who complained, with justification, about the length of time the inspections took.  Today there were approximately 1500 to 2000 workers who passed through the checkpoint. 

The Humanitarian Gate was not opened until 6:15 and there were already 21 people in line.  One man, who came with a babyinfo-icon in his arms and a permit for a doctor’s appointment in his hands, was irritated that the Humanitarian Gate was not yet open.  He walked over to the  carousels and immediately, the workers already in line, allowed the man and his baby to enter ahead of them.  There is humanitarianism!!  The saddest thing about this incident is that this baby already knows long lines and inspections.  Another generation………

At 07:00 there was still a line, but it was shorter