'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

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Rachel A., Nina S. (reporter), Iva A. (translator)
Routine occupation. The water pump which was confiscated by the civil administrationinfo-icon from the water well near Habla checkpoint has not been returned till today. It has been 4 weeks, and the nurseries need to bring water by containers in order to water the plants. Every day the confiscated water pump is in the area of the civil administration costs the owners 600 NIS. According to them their request to put back the old pump, the one which had been there for the last 60 years, was not approved.
06:30 - Azun  Atme - we got there late because the alarm clock did not wake us up. Lucky for us we did not have to get to work. The checkpoint was active despite our absence, and when we arrived there were only very few people in line, and those too went through before we left. According to the Palestinians the soldiers worked well today, and yesterday too.
An Israeli came to try and persuade the soldiers to let through his worker who was not identified by fingerprint machin, and that despite the fact that he has a valid permit in the computer, he was not allowed to pass. He lost a day of work and went to the DCO in EYAL chekpoint in order to get a new finger print reading. A routine occupation, we have already said. And now they suggest to annex area C. Imagin all the workers getting blue IDs.
07:10 Habla -  the water pump is not back, neither the new one, nor the old, and the nurseries are watered by water containers.The excuse is that there was no permit to put a new pump, but they had taken the old one too!! "catch 22".
The checkpoint is as usual. There is not a long line, and many arrive just towards the time of closing the gate. There are horse and mule carriages, cars going to the nurseries and there is also a girls' bus, almost empty, at 07:30, and it went through. At some point there was a herd of sheep coming from the west bank. No shepherd was seen. The sheep went through without their documents checked, and keep towards the nurseries all alone, as at a certain point they seem to know, and they turn left to the field near the nursery. Maybe a shepherd was waiting for them there, we don't know. It was just nice to see them go through by themselves and apparently know where to go.
There is a woman who goes through here a few times a week - she is a marrow transplant patient who gets treated at Tel Hashomer hospital - she has no volunteer transpontation today, and there is a taxi waiting to take her there. But they don't let her go through the line. Consideration is common here, and she waits and sits down every few steps. Every one goes through and at 08:10 the gatesinfo-icon close.
We also went to our friend in Azun, in order to bring things to his shop, there is nothing new to tell us.