From Eliyahu to Shomron Crossing

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Tamar S. Ana S. (reporting)

Passing through Eliyahu Gate, we drove eastwards. A week before Independence Day (Yom Haatzma’ut), or in Palestinian parlance, Hanaqba, we decided to check whether there was any kind of friction in our area. All seemed quiet except for the Army’s presence in several places.

At a Flying Checkpoint, we saw a Military commando car with 3 soldiers inspecting incoming Palestinian cars from Nablus.

At Beit Furik, someone had erased the English & Arabic sign inciting to Boycott Israel, which we reported several weeks ago (on 16.03). The burnt-out tires had also disappeared; but the column still bore clear black signs.

An armoured vehicle of DCL (District Communications & Liaison) followed us on the Beit Dajan path (where we watched a few women picking grass in the fields below), and spoke to Tamar. In answer to her question, they assured her that so far there wasn’t any friction due to the coming Holiday.             

In Awarta the Machsom was closed, and inside we noticed a military jeep with 3 soldiers. On the “Trempiada” to Bracha (Hawarra Square), one soldier guarded the settlers waiting for transportation. Two more soldiers were on duty in Tapuach Junction, though none in their lookout hut. 

A quiet and uneventful day, though under slightly increased Israeli Army observation.