Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Health Problems

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Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)



Translation: Diana Rubanenko


Russian Compound

Observers: Roni Hammermann, Tova Szeintuch (reporting)


Judge: Shmuel Keidar

Investigator: Omri Aweida

Defence attorney: Judd Kadmani (representing the cases of attorneys Firas Sabbah and Qawasmeh)


7 cases in the docket, one of whom was barred from meeting with a lawyer.


Ayad Jamal Ayad Alharimi, ID 853706349


(Remand extension continued from the previous week - see report).


The parties have reached agreement on 11 more days of investigation and the transfer of the file to the prosecution. Justice Keidar examined the detainee's file and asked the investigator why so many days were needed for the investigation.


Investigator's reply: Because many people are involved in this investigation, including some whose investigation has not ended, and also because the detainee has harmed the security of the region.


The defence attorney requested that it be noted in the minutes: repeated what he argued in the previous extension - the respondent suffers from shortness of breath. As a young man he had asthma. He added that the conditions in his cell are poor - it is extremely cold, which doesn't help his condition.


The judge asked the prisoner if he had anything to add. Detainee: I went to the doctor three times, he gave me nose-drops for shortness of breath, but it hasn't helped.


The judge accepted the parties' consent and demanded that a doctor examine the detainee concerning his complaints.


Nader Mohammed Ibrahim Jibran, ID 904093853


There is agreement concerning a ten-day extension of remand and for the case to be transferred to the prosecution later.


The allegations: transferring large sums of money to Hamas - activity in a prohibited organization and providing service to that organization.


Ibrahim Mohammed Zuheir Asnaf, ID 94832083


The police investigator is seeking another 15 days for the interrogation. This is the second remand extension.


Allegations: participation in a shooting (a week and a half ago), possession of weapons, and activity against the security of the region.


After the questions, the defence counsel summed up: there is another detainee, Firas, the brother of the detainee, who did not know about the shooting, and even took the weapon away from Ibrahim, to prevent him from carrying out a crime. The defence attorney argued that there is no need for 15 days, since the two brothers have already made police statements, a witness confrontation between the two had been held, and they matched.


The judge asked the prisoner if he had anything to add. Detainee: Yes, I'm not related to the event and I want to be let go.


The judge's decision: I have read the material.

He extended remand by 9 days.


Arafat Yussef Subhi Aadi, ID 977259035 - barred [from meeting his attorney]


Detained since 10.12.12.


Investigator requests 11 more days.


Suspicion: Membership in Islamic Jihad, providing service to the organization.

The detainee was interrogated about his involvement in the Tel Aviv bus bombing on 21.11.12.


The defence counsel was present, but the defendant was not in court. The defence attorney asked questions and concluded that several people were involved in the incident; the main one was Ahmed Musa, who has confessed, as far as he knew, and been charged for his connection with the incident. The file of another man has been transferred to the prosecution. Arafat, whom he had not met personally, was under investigation - he denies the allegations of involvement in the act, participation in it, and consent to it. The defence attorney asked the court to apply a judicial review since the detainee is still being denied a meeting with his attorney.


We were asked to leave before the detainee entered. The judge received the Pre-Supreme Court recommendation which emphasizes the importance of public hearing, and therefore recommends that representatives of Machsom Watch be allowed to remain in both parts of the hearing. The judge read it, examined some of the material presented to him and decided that we were entitled to stay and watch the debate.


The investigator then requested an in camerainfo-icon hearing, but the judge decided there was no reason for it.


The detainee was brought in, and the judge asked how he was feeling. He told him about his attorney's requests and asked him whether he had anything to add. Detainee's answer: Yes, they are looking for my wife's brother (he is wanted), and that is why I am  being investigated, but I don't know where he is, how can I tell them. I don't know.


The judge's decision: a nine-day extension of remand.


Ahmed Atta Ibrahim Alharimi, ID 937721736


Agreement was reached on another 8 days, and the transfer of the new case and the old case to the prosecution.


Adeeb Muhammad Jamal Mafarja, ID 850147174


The investigator sought another 11 days.


Suspicions: providing service to Islamic Jihad and activity in the organization, transferring funds and involvement in a bombing in Tel Aviv.


The defence attorney summed up: he wants to reduce the number of days of the investigation. The detainee has been interrogated for a very long time. He was arrested on 26.11.12. Initially, the detainee related to the allegations against him, but since then no progress has been made. He admitted he gave money to prisoners for humanitarian reasons - to buy food in the canteen.


Detainee added that he did indeed donate money to the canteen, and there was no military or political reason underlying this. He also said that he is not a member of any organization.


The judge decided that, given the complexity of the investigation, he grants an extension of 9 days.