Hebron, Tarqumiya

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Nina B, Hagit S. S. (reporting)

We went out to observe despite the doubts about the security conditions on the day after the terrible attack in the Jerusalem Synagogue.

The road that leads out of Kiryat Arba to Hebron was quiet as usual. Here, opposite the hut - the Hazon David [Vision of David] synagogue has changed from a tent to some kind of caravan, in other words, it has been up-graded..

At the turn. 160 - there is a number of soldiers. All is quiet.

At Abed's we met a group of Norwegians from the Ecumenical Organization, EAPPI (a program that tracks Palestine and Israel). They are traveling throughout the West Bank for only a week. They expressed interest in us and in our activities. Nina made the effort to explain our position to them, and emphasized the fact that it is important to hear all the sides and to become acquainted with the complexities of the situation. They asked for written material, and we gave them the  Makhsomwatch flyer in English. From information that reached the group's guide, we discovered that there is, apparently, some event with colonists near or in the Cordoba School  and that is why it is impossible to drive any place in that direction. And indeed we saw that the police had closed off the road that leads there, near the pharmacy. Although it was only 11 am -- crowds of children were coming back from school When we asked about this- they said that they had simply finished studying today. (Ibrahamiya School for boys, and Elfakha School for girls)


After making some telephone calls, we drove to visit Umm-Ahmad, who lives under Giv'at-Gal. In her house we met two of her friends from Hebron (one lives under Tel Rumeida). To our sorrow we could converse with them only thanks to Mohammed's translating for us and for them. They agreed with us that what happened yesterday was very bad. There also sat with us two sons-in-law and a small grandchild of the sweet owner of the house who prepared excellent coffee fro us. One of the sons-in-law is forbidden entry by the General Security Force, and he would like to work in Israel. We gave him details so that he can get in touch with Sylvia. (So far we have not been able to get hold of her.)

On the way back -- at the Tarkumiya passage - the woman inspector asks a lot of questions today (because of yesterday's tragedy?)