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Miki Fisher, Miriam Shayish (reporting), Translator: Charles K.

Seam zone, Far’un, Miskha


When we meet with representatives of Far’un and Miskha with whom we’ve made appointments, they keep raising the same problems: obtaining permits for the appropriate gatesinfo-icon, arson and theft in the groves, restrictions on transporting seedlings to renew cultivated lands and difficulties in irrigating them.  Gates not located appropriately to access lands, errors in the days and hours the gates are open, a steep decline in the number of crossing permits and corruption and their purchase and sale.


The letter accompanying this report contains exact details of the requests and the complaints by the farmers, and it’s directed to the Ephraim DCL officers who handle these matters.


This report discusses the other matters unconnected to the permits.


09:00  Far’un

Five days ago soldiers entered the village and injured two women who were then hospitalized.  Two weeks ago permits stopped being granted and the familiar request was renewed to show a magnetic card.  The Palestinian Authority refused to accept this regulation, which is apparently why no permits were issued.  At the beginning of the month 24 requests were submitted; the replies trickle in.


Two days ago a demonstration was held against the fence in the area where buildings had been demolished in Far’un.  They tried to plant trees there, a fight erupted and plastic bullets were fired.


About seven months ago a citrus grove was set on fire by a soldier’s cigarette, according to the Palestinians.  The trees died.


Far’un residents claim that 2014 was the worst year for permits as far as corruption and commerce in them is concerned.  They say Gate 746 nearby is only seasonal and doesn’t open for other necessary agricultural activities.  Gate 708 opens only three days a week but residents of Far’un represent only 10 percent of those who cross there.


12:00  Miskha 

They complain that Gate 1534, Miskha North, which is seasonal, is open only ten days during the season.  The DCL says not enough people used it.


The farmers ask that the gate be open during the entire year for spraying, plowing and harvesting almonds.