'Azzun, 'Azzun 'Atma, 'Izbet alTabib, Eliyahu Crossing, Habla

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Nina S. (reporting), Dina A., Translator: Charles K.


Habla, Eliyahu gate, ‘Azzun, ‘Azzun Atma north



Demonstration and locking the ‘Azzun gate -  The entrance to ‘Azzun is closed as collective punishment for the demonstration during which stones were thrown and the gate   was broken .  The demonstration called for opening the exit from ‘Azzun to Nablus, which has been shut for years.


Delay in opening the exit gate from Habla – 35 minutes.  The crossing was open for 30 instead of 55 minutes.  As a result, a driver from Habla who went to pick up the boys from ‘Arab Ramadin and bring them to school in Habla wasn’t able to get back on time.  Let’s hope he manages to get them to school on side roads.  They already missed the start of class.


06:05  Eliyahu gate

Some people have already crossed on foot.  Many cars are inspected.  A few laborers wait at the pedestrian lane.


06:10  ‘Azzun

We wanted to drive to the Falamya checkpoints but the main entrance to the village is closed.  Soldiers stand there.  We detoured through ‘Izbet Tabib to the Jayyus/Falamya gate – it’s also closed.  There’s an exit gate from ‘Azzun to Funduq/Nablus which has been closed for years and the inhabitants got tired of the situation and went to demonstrate.  The demonstration on Friday brought the army which began to break it up.  Village children threw stones, and now they’ve all been punished collectively – not only residents of ‘Azzun but everyone who drives from Qalqilya to Tulkarm or to villages along the road such as Jayyus, Kafr Jimal and many others.


We drove to the ‘Azzun ‘Atma northern gate to see what was going on.


06:40  ‘Azzun ‘Atma north

The gate that had been there has been dismantled, the structure next to the gate has been demolished, and entry to the village is unimpeded.  The wall south of ‘Azzun ‘Atma has been completed and closed.


We returned via ‘Izbet Tabib where soldiers are also standing now.


07:20  Habla

The gate is closed even though it’s supposed to be open from 06:55 to 07:55.  Soldiers are present and many people wait on line beyond the gate.  The carters say it opened late yesterday also.  The DCL says it’s because of an accident.


07:35.  The gate opens.  About 40-50 people are now waiting.  It seems the computer is down and the soldiers register by hand, those who go through.  They write leaning on the hood of a military vehicle a short distance from the checkpoint gate.  People walk to that vehicle.


The first person goes through at 07:38.  The truth is that the crossing goes quickly because there’s no computer and all they write is the ID number.


The goats also arrived and crossed, and trucks from the plant nurseries.


07:50  The girls’ school bus from ‘Arab Ramadin enters Habla.


At one point people began going through the vehicle gate in a group, without being registered, and the soldiers immediately ran after them and brought them back.


08:05  The gatesinfo-icon to the checkpoint are closing, but about 15 people are still on line to have their IDs recorded.  A few people arrived as they closed but weren’t allowed through.


08:10  The gates are closed.  At that moment a car arrives bringing the boys from ‘Arab Ramadin to school.  The driver wasn’t able to arrive earlier because the gate only opened at 07:38, and by the time he picked them up in ‘Arab Ramadin and returned the gate closed in his face.  Now what?  They won’t go to school?  They’re already late.  Let’s hope they’ll be able to go through Eliyahu gate to Qalqilya and then go around and finally get to school.