'Azzun 'Atma, Qira, Zeta

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Yehudit C., Dvorka O. (reporting) with Nadim Translator: Louise L.

Kire, Zeita,  Azzun-Atme-Gate 1448

10:15  Within a few minutes after our arrival atKire the women had gathered so we could start our activities. We chatted a bit in Hebrew and English and Yehudit, who had prepared wool and frames, gave individual instructions to every woman. In the meantime, Dvorka and Nadim drove to Zeita.

Zeita –The brother of one of the women who had participated in Hebrew lessons in the village had contacted us a few times lately. He wanted us to visit again and to teach their children English. We met P., with whom we had been working for some years, and we agreed that she would gather the women again to meet M. and V., who used to participate in our activities, to discuss the possibility of teaching the children.

12:30 – The agricultural gate 1448 at 'Azzun-Atma - We drove on the road leading to Oranit and from there we turnedonto thesecurity road with the wall stretching along one side of the road and with the concertina fence surrounding Oranit on the other side.  After descending to the spot where the wall ends but the fence continues we were stopped by two soldiers who very kindly asked us if we were permitted to keep driving on this road. We saw no reason why we shouldn't be allowed to be there, so we continued on our way until we reached the agricultural gate 1448, in order to be watching when it opened. 4 cars were already waiting to cross. The Palestinians explained that only owners of land on the "Israeli" side of the wall are permitted to pass, while those who are going to work in Israel are prohibited from crossing.

12:40 – A Jeep with a group of soldiers arrived to open the gate. A friendly (!) female soldier told us that after finishing their task at the gate they would go on to Habla.