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Rahal A., Gaby (guest), Nina S. (reporting)


Falamya North and South CPs,


The occupation routine – CPs are opened, people pass except the man who was detained because his car license did not match the CP he wanted to pass through, although is was said that these licenses, even if they are authorized for a certain CP, they match all the CPs in the area. We called the DCO and this solved the problem this time.


06.15 CP 914 Falamya North – the gate is open and there is no queue (the gate was due to be opened at 5.45), but all the time vehicles, vans and tractors arrive with passengers and all go to the fields and orchards which are situated between fence and the green line – the juncture region. Suddenly a horse and a rider arrive at a gallop, a real wild west scene, but here it is not wild, there is order, and he has to get off his horse to be checked. It seems that the horse has a transit permit and he too passed safely. We did not wait for the closureinfo-icon in order to reach the next gate to which the soldiers travel by the shorter route on the paved system road, whereas we had to movei n circles by way of the fields, in order to get there. The fields, at least, are beautiful, the Rose of Sharon flowers are in bloom, and spring is here.


06.51 CP 935 Falamya South – the soldiers have arrived and open the gate immediately. There are few people who pass but there is still movement, some by car, others who leave their vehicle in front of the gate and needs to walk on foot to the orchard or the field. A man and his son arrive in their van, he has a permit registered to another gate, whereas his orchard is nearer to this gate. He is told to stand aside and there are clarifications but no positive solution. We contacted the DCO which confirmed what we already knew – that people who have passage permits in the area – Falamya, Kafr Jammal and Jayyus, have the right to pass through the three gatesinfo-icon in this area, even if their permit is for one gate only. The message was transmitted to the soldiers and the detainee was sent on his way, to his orchard.


We tried to reach the Habla CP but arrived too late (it is meant to be shut at 07.55 and we arrived after this time so we did not enter).