Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A. Translation: Naomi Gal

11:00 only four Palestinian cars were parked in the parking lot. A disgruntled young man we met outside told us he had a work permit for Israel. Last month he pre-paid NIS1800 to his employer, worked 10 days and earned NIS300 per day. At the beginning of next month, whether he gets a job or not, he will again have to pay NIS1800 so that he could keep the relationship with the employer and ensure that his work permit will not be canceled.

An elderly man asked for our help. He bought in Israel's pruning citrus trees for firewood. Inspectors stopped him on the way, checked out the cuttings and confiscated his truck, claiming that the pruning is carcinogenic. The truck is held at DCL and he wants to release it. He knows he would have to pay according to the number of days the car was held and he wants to pay immediately but does not know how to do it. We turned to the Center of Human Rights protection and they told us they do not know how to deal with cars’ confiscation and the payment for releasing the car. They suggested that we turn to the Ministry of the Environment. This office receptionist knew nothing about “carcinogenic pruning” and all the workers are out for the Holyday. She suggested we enquire at Jerusalem Municipality.

A young Palestinian married to an Israeli Arab is allowed to visit him once every three months for one week. When she submitted now an application for approval of the regular visit it was not approved. At the Israeli DCL they said that she did get a permit but that it now expired... she must submit a new application.

It appears that she will have to wait until after Passover.

A young man summoned to a meeting with GSS complained he’s been waiting since morning and no one spoke to him. He was imprisoned for 7 months as an “administrative detention”, he does not know why; the evidence against him was defined as “confidential”. Now, after being released he was summoned by GSS and he does not know why. When we left he was still waiting.

We were approached by four men who sought permits to enter Israel. They were refused and sent to the Palestinian DCL. One of them, a young man, said he came to get two permits: one for his father, a cancer patient, for hospitalization at a Hospital in Jerusalem, and one for himself, so he could accompany his father, and nurse him during his hospitalization. He is GSS prevented, but he had a permit to enter and stay until 28/3/2015. Now they refused to renew his permit and he is concerned since he does not know how his father could get to the hospital unaccompanied. We turned to Meir, who deals with matters of health, and to Hannah, who as usual was very helpful. They told the son to wait there and promised to give him a permit to accompany his father. He waited until seven thirty in the evening and received the permit.

A man came out with a document, said he was an Israeli Arab and that his wife is a Palestinian from the territories and now he got his wife a residence permit for two years under Families’ Unification. After hearing his words, and on this “happy” note, we left at 16:00