'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

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Nura R., Hannah P, (Reporting) Translation: Bracha B.A.

Habla Checkpoint, 06:25

The gate is supposed to open at 06:00 and people are waiting, but the 8 soldiers arrive only at 06:40 and leisurely prepare to open the gatesinfo-icon.  Crossing began only at 06:45.    The shepherd who usually crosses with his herd of sheep waited in vain, and complained that he has not been allowed to take his flock across for a month.   The same situation exists regarding the flock that used to cross at the Azun Atma wall.

The shepherd described the situation to us.  Kalkilya, a city with 100,000 residents, is crowded and closed off.  It has two gates that are open only for limited times.  The shepherd called our attention to the fact that the head of the Liaison and Coordination Administration at Ephraim, Safa, is with the workers who are entering.  Nura called him and he promised to call back.

We talked to the people coming out who told us that in the past few days the inspection crew was abusive and some of the people had to return from where they had come.  They complained to the head of the Liaison and Coordination Administration who came, and after that things moved along more quickly.   When we saw that time was running out and Safa did not call us back we called him and he answered, "I'm at work now."

We had planned to go to Azun Atma, but when we saw that he was delayed, we left at 07:40.  We were in a hurry.  Traffic was already heavy and by the time we got to the gate the soldiers had already closed it.  We were only able to do half the work we had come to do.