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Shoshi Inbar, Micky Fisher, Nurit Poper, Nirit Haviv (Reporting). Driver: Nadim. Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham


Demonstration at Kadum, Friday, 27.03.2015 Morning


The event can be described in four words: A LOT OF GAS


It was clear this time that we would have to contend with two things during this demonstration: The soldiers and the strong wind that was in their favor. Most of the young and adult demonstrators, including Palestinian press photographers, came equipped with gas masks.


The soldiers didn't miss a chance, and even as the procession formed they started firing gas canisters. They then fired an especially strong kind of gas.  The wind blew it straight at us. We choked and experienced stinging in our eyes and throats, and some people threw up at the side of the road.


This time they did not use the "skunk," which sprays a noxious liquid.  The soldiers occasionally fired shock grenades and sponge bullets.  Two young people were injured.  One was hit in the groin, near the main artery, and had to be hospitalized. 


Three elderly women whom we had met at previous demonstrations expressed their frustration at the weekly harassment on the part of the soldiers.  Their sons sometimes stand in front of the soldiers and they fear for their safety.   One of them was arrested previously, jailed for nine months, and fined NIS 10,000.  Routine.  


One women remarked, "If they would only open the road it would be quiet again."   But the road will not be reopened in the near future.