Beit Iba, Sun 17.2.08, Afternoon

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Susan Lorenzo, Yfat Doron

 Beit Iba- there is a segregation policy today- from the area of TK and Jenin. This means men, aged 16- 35, cannot go southwards from these areas. (As they can't go north either, since north is Israel, not much ground is left for them). As this policy is imposed without advertence people are sometimes unable to get back on time, and cannot reach their homes. We witnessed this several times to day, as students trying to return home from Nablus were turned back. Elderly Palestinians try to pass through the 'humanitarian line', but upon arrival some discover that they are not old enough, and the soldier orders them to return via a tall concrete rail. One such man tries to cross once, and fails, so he squeezes back through the turnstiles.
Several students are waiting for a friend still in line, at the end of the cp and the soldier tells them to get out of there 'you can't stand here'.

Dozens of young men are standing in two files, waiting for bags and IDs to be checked.
The soldier at the 'humanitarian lane' speaks perfect Arabic. 'Look', says my friend, 'he is actually looking people straight in the eye!'
I try to do the same.
We left at 16:52
No cp at Jit.