'Anabta, Beit Iba, Jit, Jubara (Kafriat), יום ג' 29.1.08, אחה"צ

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Translator: Orna B Amit Y., Miriam Sh.(reporter

13:25 Jubara Checkpoint (Figs).
Irritating and coooold rain. At the Children Gate  - only some wet soldiers.
Under heavy rain. About 4-5 cars waiting at the entrance queue.
Amit goes out to find out if there is a detainee, and immediately the
Terrible Mrs Rita appears, waiving the instructions leaflet for the
women of Blue/White and persuades the soldiers to call the police,
cursing, making speeches. There is a non specific alert and that is why
the inspection is slow. A cab driver who talks to us is punished by a
second inspection of his papers.
13.57 Anabta
At the entrance, a lorry carrying flour is delayed because of
permits unfamiliar to the soldiers. At the exit about 15 cars are
wating. Traffic flows. We inform the Centre of the delayed lorry.
14:20 Beit Lid
A sudden roadblock because of an unspecific alert. Closureinfo-icon - only
Tulkarm residents are allowed through. Along queue of cars from the
direction of Beit Iba. A cab driver from the village Burka is stuck
desperate.He has no way of getting home. We approached the Centre
regarding his case. While trying to clarify the situation a policeman
who is on the scene barks at us: "I am in charge here. Get in your car
and scram!"