Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Mon 8.9.08, Morning

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Osnat R and Frances T (reporting)

Beit Iba  Monday 8.9.08

07.35 On the way to Beit Iba we drive up
to Shavei Shomron.  The road is open with very little traffic.  A soldier takes
a look at us from the entrance to the army base.

07.40 We arrive at Beit Iba which is
quiet.  The kiosks are shut due to Ramadan and there is little traffic exiting Nablus.  A line of
lorries, taxis and buses stands in the opposite direction.  The traffic seems
to be moving quickly.  One taxi driver is turned back from the c/p as he does
not have the necessary documents. 

 There is little or no checking of
pedestrians entering Nablus. 
This, according to the DCL, is due to the fact that anyone can cross via Shavei
Shomron without going through the c/p.

We notice a soldier standing at the c/p
eating a yoghourt, which is in extremely bad taste since all the pedestrians
are fasting.  We point this out to the DCL who mentions it to the soldier.


We leave shortly after.