'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Tue 7.10.08, Afternoon

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Yael S. and Zehava G. (reporting)


13.40 – We suggest that the commander at the “Teena Checkpoint” leave the lock open so that we won’t have to bother him on our return because of the huge truck with its loud and noisy engine which is parking there and not intending to leave. The commander refuses.
At the “Yeladim Checkpoint” the soldiers have nothing to do. A new red signpost thanks the Watch women for their support of the terrorist organizations. Smiling we leave the checkpoint.


13.50 – The same red signpost thanking the Watch women is hanging high up (are they afraid we will pull it down?). A soldier with a skullcap waves to us with one of the new little green flags that have been handed out on that same day at all the checkpoints by “Women in Blue and White”.
The cars drive through without delay but a woman dog trainer decides to stop a pickup truck in which two women and two men are sitting. The women are marching towards Juara. The men are standing on the side with all of us watching the dog sniffing and smelling diligently. Nothing is found and the men are released. Was this a show intended especially for us? We decide not to stay on any longer.


14.10 – Once again at the “Teena Checkpoint” it takes a long time and much waving until the commander notices us and comes up to the locked gate accompanied by a Palestinian young girl. He explains that he has been busy giving “humanitarian” support to the young girl and allowed her to pass through the “southern” gate of the checkpoint to cut the way short by avoiding the detour to Juara through the Ar-Ras checkpoint.


14.30 – An unpleasant and surprising reception. A soldier stops us some 20 meters before the stop-sign and tells us that we are not allowed to advance from there. We ask to speak to the checkpoint commander. The soldier goes up to him and we realize that the commander stops the waiting cars coming from Tulkarem before walking up to us. In a moment there is a line of five vehicles. When we ask him why we can’t approach the checkpoint he answers: “Because you are interfering”. When we ask him why he stopped the traffic although there is a soldier who can let the cars through he answers, “I don’t have to answer you” and leaves.
We remain watching from a distance. The traffic into Tulkarem is moving forward without being stopped while some of the vehicles coming from Tulkarem are being checked. There is no line any longer. We notice that the commander keeps looking out for us and we are afraid he will stop the traffic because of us so we leave.