Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 21.10.08, Morning

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Etty K., Nurit W'-L'

TRanslation: Hanna K.

07:05 Za'tara-Tapuah
There are three cars from the west, 8-10 from the north & a bus that is being checked in the parking lot. We stopped for a few minutes as we didn't observe any delays in the traffic.

07:20 Beit Furik
Before we could say "Checkpoint" the soldiers surrounded us and demanded that we stand near the famous "bench". We called the commander and after we explained to him in a measured, restrained, polite and open conversation the absurdity as we saw it, he became reconciled and enabled us to stand next to the turnstiles. He claimed that the day before the Watch women cursed them and that is why they are irritated. Yes, the same story. We too have to learn from experience, and also to remember the distance of age and experience between us and the soldiers.
Apart from that - the work of the soldiers was properly and politely carried out, and the traffic flowed all the time without delays and problems.
From the direction of the village of Salem we saw a shepherd and his flock walking and approaching the CP area. Two soldiers jumped into the field and shied him away claiming that he was approaching the CP too much. He moved away a little, but remained in the field.
08:00 There are just a few vehicles in the parking lot. The owner of the booth has not yet recovered from the destruction inflicted on him by the settlers, and uses tattered sheets which do not prevent water leakage. The present furniture: discarded school benches, some of which intended for small children.

08:20 Huwwara
The parking lot is crowded but at the checkpoint there are few people coming from the north. Only one station is active. According to the commander, early in the morning there were many people.There are fewer soldiers than usual this morning at the CP. The x-ray machine is operating.
Beyond the CP toward the west (the mountain) tractors are widening the lanes, within the general works towards a future CP.
08:40 A second station is opened. The commander who till now checked vehicles instead of a soldiers who had his break, returns to the CP.
08:50 A vehicle coming from the north is being checked for a long time, about 20 minutes.
Two men riding a donkey try to pass to the south, on the vehicle lane. A comic interval in a sad play. After a short interchange between deaf people, they let him pass after all. A man turns to us and asks for help concerning an entry permit. His son is due to get treatment at the hospital in Jerusalem. We supply him with information and give him the telephone number of Hanna B.
09:00 A car is turned back. Its driver doesn't have a permit for it. Later - another car with an Israeli number plate and a blue ID cars.
The soldiers perform a practice of a terror event and chase everybody back in all directions.
This is always frightening.
09:15 The practice ends and the people are called back to the CP with loud cries.
The cars which were not allowed to enter, and the practice, create a queue of vehicles coming from the south - 8 are waiting, but withint a short time the queue disappears.
 09:50 as everything proceeded in the disgusting routine and without irregularities, we left the CP.

Za'tara-Tapuah - There is absolutely no queue of vehicles in front of the CP.