'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 17.2.09, Morning

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Ninette B., Rahel B., Dina A. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.


It rains all along our way until we reach Beit Furik, and then the skies become clear and the sun shines, which makes things a bit easier for the residents standing in the queues.

At the entrance through the Samaria gate there is no delay, there are about 7 cars leaving, they slow down but pass without any problem.

As usual the entrance to Zeita is blocked, there are a few people waiting near the CP, probably for transportation.

The entrances to Beita and to Marda are open and the army is not present.

07:50 Za'tara Junction -
From the direction of Road 5 the CP is empty, from the direction of Nablus there are 7 cars waiting to pass, there are no cars in the square.

Burin Junction:
From the direction of the village of Huwwara a military jeep is parked, but it doesn't prevent the traffic.

08:05 Beit Furik CP -
There is a sparse traffic of vehicles, although the CP is manned by soldiers they do not pay attention to the people passing through it. We got off the vehicle, made a tour and a few minutes later we left for the Huwwara CP.

08:15 Awarta CP - it is empty.

08:20 Huwara CP -
At the parking lot a relatively low number of cars. A small market has again opened here, coffee is sold in a crate of a van, there is a stall for bakeries and especially sweets.

Pedestrians - at the exit from Nablus, during all our stay at the CP,  three checking posts were open, and no more than 10 people waited at any given moment. At the humanitarian queue the traffic was especially sparse.
The soldiers are very relaxed, we don't hear any admonitions directed at the citizens, and from afar one of the soldiers greets us and cynically offers us refreshment.
The citizens come up to the checking porthole after the deposited their belonging on the narrow shelf, hand their ID cards to be checked, the card is returned to them to the counter which is below the checking porthole. Some take their coats and belts off and some pass with only their ID card checked.
The checking is very quick and the waiting period lasts several minutes only.
09:00 there is a detainee in the prison cell, according to the DCO representative he is "bingo" and his papers are being checked, he promised to take care of him we, naturally, cannot approach him.
At the entrance to Nablus there are very many citizens entering the town today, especially many young people, students, probably when they will leave the queues at the exit from Nablus will be very crowded.
At a certain moment there is a big stress on the turnstiles, but before we even draw the attention of the soldiers to that, the stress lessens and the flow of the citizens continues.
Cars - the entrance to Nablus goes without hindrance, although from time to time the soldirs check a random car, and one cars with an Israeli plate is sent back.
At the exit, most of the time, there are 15 cars waiting, there are 2 checking stations, we made a note of a car which was seventh in the queue and passed within 10 minutes.
The fact that we are only allowed to stand near the station for the people entering Nablus makes the observation very difficult, as well as the contact with the people.
09:45 - we left, on the way back too there is little traffic at the CPS.