'Azzun 'Atma, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 10.3.09, Morning

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Miki F. Natalie, Nurit W-L

Translation : Hanna K.

07:15 Za'tara-Tapuah Junction

There are no cars from the west, a few vehicles from the north.

Beita -
we stopped on a plot opposite Beita, because we noticed a very vigorous activity of the Border Police - two vehicles were being checked. They stopped mainly taxis from Huwwara. It seemed that our presence somehow sped up the process of the checking. After about 15 minutes the jeep left.

07:50 Huwwara

The pedestrians queue is short, about 12-15 people. The average length of time for the detention and the checking 5-6 minutes. There are only two checking stations open.

In a patrol around the CP and approaching, by the internal path the "sterileinfo-icon area" we noticed a notice on reddish Bristol paper, handing on the read window of the western checking station, in such a way that it hides the Brigade Commander's announcement concerning us. This is what the notice said:

We thank the women of Watch for you aid in the CP, toward the success of our struggle. Signed: The terror organisation activists.

This notice is the product of the Blue White women, who probably came here yesterday on the occasion of Purim.

08:45 We summoned the DCO representative and the CP commander, after we took the notice down. To our question - who they left this since yesterday - they answered that they didn't notice it. Rather peculiar, the Bristol paper is quite large and hid the light at the checking station. We also wondered how they let them act in the sterile area, while they send us away from it as well as from certain areas behind the fence, to the west of the CP. We said we would report and submit a complaint, as this is propaganda material! The DCO representative (new) himself reported to the operations' room in our presence. As he tore it up we couldn't photograph it.

Vehicle lanes: 12 cars were checked. The average detention time - 17 minutes. At the beginning there was one lane, later another was opened.

The vendors at the parking lot try all the time to push their stalls forward. A child known to us tries to enter with his sweets to the path leading to the sterile area and is removed by the DCO man. We have already been warned that he would be detained. We asked that they should not be too harsh with him, but there is no much we can do.

09:15 Burin\Yitzhar junction - A rolling CP of the border police for cars arriving from the Yitzhar turning. They perform a sample checking, according to the soldiers. But in fact all the cars coming from that direction are checked. It seems to us that the activity is due to the need for action, but our presence speeds things up a bit.