Sha’ab al Butum – cleaning a well into which the settlers poured machine oil

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Michal (reporting and filming), Smadar and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya

We dedicated the vigil to the Jabarin family in Sha'ab al-Butum, who live in constant fear of the Mitzpe Avigail settlers. They are busy trying to restore the ruins of their "home" and their plots. And they still don't sleep there at night for fear of the settlers. Thanks to your donations, we bought food and went there. Leila always insists on serving us some of her dishes (delicious, it should be noted). Even those in poverty have something to give and we are happy to receive from her as well. The pictures are of the Kusa Mah’shi (stuffed zucchini) meal.

In the video, Muhammad Jabarin shows us the polluted well into which the settlers poured machine oil and now he cleans it and hopes for the rains to come and fill it again with water so that they can drink and water the sheep. It is hard to bear, in how much evil and violence of the authorities and settlers these people are "wrapped".

We also visited Ishak Jabarin, a family member who lives in the same place not far away. There are hard stories about the chronicle of this evil. He says that two weeks ago, settlers came and demanded to enter his house. He bravely prevented them with his body and shouted to them that if they didn't go, he would call the police and then they left. His wife says that every time they bravely stand up to them, are not afraid and threaten to call the police, they walk away.

There seems to be some semblance of law enforcement in this wild south.

During the visit to him, two phone calls reach Muhammad, one from Fares, from the deportees of Zanuta, who now lives in Shweike, as mentioned. He says that he was in his pasture with his son in the areas at the foot of Havat Yehuda. Then 4 settlers came down from the settlement and beat them to a bloody pulp.

A second phone call is received by Muhammad from Rania from the Jadallah family who lives in Fuqeiqis, between the two settlements Negohot A and B.

They have a legal car now and were trying to go shopping in nearby Beit Awwa. There, too, was a roadblock and the soldiers shouted at them, preventing them from going to buy shoes, clothes, food, and school supplies for the children. She had to take the children and leave them in Dura in the apartment she rented there because of the difficulties of traveling home, to and from work. She says that these are her little nephews in grades 1 and 2, and she leaves them with her because of the situation.

We will visit there next week if they let us pass at the checkpoints.