South Mount Hebron: Palestinians are not allowed to move on the roads to buy food and medicine

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Raya Y (reporting and photography), Muhammad Translation: Naomi Halsted

We passed through Tarqumiyah checkpoint -- no cars, no people.

We drove down Route 35 towards Hebron.  On the way we saw a man standing on the roadside and stopped to talk to him. A man from the Rajabi family explained to us the meaning of "we don't have a life." He told us that today there's a general strike and a day of mourning. Everything's closed because of the killing of Salah al-Arouri in Lebanon and the war in Gaza is continuing .We bid him farewell and turned right towards Kiryat Arba. Soldiers are watching over every intersection along the road.

The Jabber family is planting winter vegetables. There's no work and no income. Things feel bad and the situation is getting worse.

At the junction we saw a solar water heater being dragged from one side of the road to the other because all the entrances are blocked

Raniya from Fuksis (close to Negohot) on route 3265 calls and reports that their family got organized and sold gold in order to buy a car. They need a car so they can buy food, medicines and basic items.

The problem, Ranya says, is that soldiers stop them on the way and send them back home without letting them get to their destination. They are forced to try again two hours after their first attempt. Sometimes they manage to buy what they need. Sometimes they don't.