Etzion DCL

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Ora A. Shlomit S. (reporting) Translation: Naomi Gal

Help us and we’ll help you (this is how GGS recruits collaborators)

We arrived at the DCL at 10:40. In the waiting room sat 20 people, and they said that since 9 o'clock no people were let in. Close to 12 o'clock they let in 12 more people. We did not get to see anyone coming out with a magnetic card. Some people came out who were summoned by GSS. It seems as if the soldiers are not really working. We sent the officer 2 text messages and this time he did not respond. When asked a specific question about a man whose family and he moved from Hebron to Bethlehem, and that’s what appeares on his identity card, the officer replied that in the “system” he is still in Hebron and that he has to travel to Hebron to arrange this. Easier said than done.   
When we left close to one o’clock there were still about 20 people in the waiting room.

Many people approached us. Three of them police prevented. Since one of them was already in contact with groups that help in removing prevention and received instructions to issue a character reference, we advised the other two to do the same. One of them was in an Israeli prison several times, mostly for illegal stay. Once, when he was 16 he traveled in an Israeli car with another person inside Israel. The interesting thing is the additional accusation – there was a weapon in the car. Surprisingly, he was incarcerated for this grave offense for hree months only. This fact, in my view, strengthens his argument that the weapon was not his. Unfortunately there is a serious possibility that our forces implanted the weapon in the car. Lately GSS makes regular nightly visits to him. They wake up all the family, including the children, which creates much fear and unrest. Recently they "found" BB pellets outside his house. He was summoned by GSS and told to collaborate with them (“to bring weapons - where from?”) and then he’ll get whatever he wants. Meaning: Help us and we’ll help you. Please note the guy is an ideal collaborator from GSS point of view – he has a family to support, as well as a disabled brother in a wheelchair that lives with him. So far he has not responded to their requests and in recompense is police prevented from entering Israel until 2039.

Some other GSS prevented contacted us, and we gave them instructions. We helped an owner of a truck that was confiscated - probably because he dumped waste at a prohibited place, to contact Yitzhar, from supervision who gave him instructions. 
A man married to an Israeli who lives in Haifa received regular permits to enter Israel for 7 years. Recently he did not notice that the permit had expired six weeks ago. He immediately became illegal alien and police prevented.

A man who has been married for about 10 years to an Israeli woman who lives near Abu Gosh never received a family unification permit. Since they got married ten years ago, he is GSS prevented (not sure why). So far he didn’t deal with prevention removal. We gave him instructions on how to try and handle the situation. The man is 45-year-old, the wife underwent surgery and needs his help. They arrived to try and get a temporary residence permit for the time being.

As usual, the policeman was absent.