Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S., Ora A.
10.30. The main problem we encountered was that of refusal of entry into Israel by Palestinians. We were approached by 4 people  refused entry by Security.  They told us that they have work permits in Israel but this morning, when they came to the checkpoint, they were told that they were refused, and were not allowed to pass.  It transpired that three of them were from the same village and that possibly someone in the village wanted to take revenge on them and so made some false accusation against them. We did not know whether they should request new permits or whether they should ask to have their old ones returned.  We referred them to Sylvia.

Three people came out holding application forms for entry permits to Israel. They complained that they did not know how to fill in the forms. We sent them to an expert in writing requests, in amazement:  what a wonderful living he can make from the occupation! We were also amazed to think of the wonderful future of Security: A man coming out showed us a document that the Security man gave him, stating that refusal of his entry would lapse in 2113.  For another man, they agreed to shorten the period of refusal by thirty years (!) which would lapse already in 2020 [?], if they would not decide to extend it.

There was much traffic of people coming to get magnetic cards. A young man who came out said that he had waited more than an hour until he received his card.