Umm al-Kheir – settlers prevent grazing and demolition orders

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Muhammad, Daphna and a guest.; Translator: Natanya
אום אל ח'יר - פגישה עם תושבים

Sunday, Meitar checkpoint is full

We drove to Umm el Kheir and on the way we saw no checkpoints.

In Umm al-Kheir, at the entrance, which is at the junction, you can see the preparations of the army in concrete blocks with sandbags...

In Umm El Kheir we met Salem Hadalin. He was in the village because he had errands, but usually most of the week, he is at work in Ra'anana.

The kindergarten that used to be well-kept and beautiful, looks neglected, no longer functions as a kindergarten, but children come there and play...

The day before we came, there was a mess, gas was used against them when they went out to pasture, because they are not allowed. The settlers and the army come to interfere and forbid grazing, claiming that the lands are theirs! The Palestinians don't know what to do and the sheep are "stuck" without pasture....

The army continues to look for and confiscate Israeli vehicles and the Palestinian Authority does not allow buying vehicles from Israelis.

In addition, the problem of the demolition orders, there are many.

The children go to a regional school, and soon there will be a half-year holiday....

During our conversations with the villagers, a drone arrived circled above us several times and left.

The Bedouin describe the situation as difficult, where they absorb and absorb all that is happening to them until they will feel suffocated .....

We continued through roads 317 and 60, the roads are open, without blockages.