The road to Ras-a-Tira is blocked

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Karin L. (Reporting and photographing), Cynthia P. (Guest); Translator: Hanna K.
שני גברים מחכים בצל לפתיחת המחסום

We arrived at the Oranit CP some time before 13:00, the appointed opening hour. In the shade of the shed there were three men waiting and in the square there was a cart harnessed to a donkey as well as a few Azzun Atma inhabitants. Although they are pleased that this gate has again been opened and that they are not obliged to wander 3 kms northwards, to the Beit Amin CP and to return 3 kms southwards to their plots, they would prefer to be able reaching their plots at all hours and not to be separated from them by a wall which creates an enclave for the Oranit settlement. A few more Palestinians arrive, another cart and a donkey which its owner is unable to cope with.

13:15 A civilian vehicle with two men soldiers and two women soldiers arrives. One couple goes to stand under the cover which has turned into a control work station. Two Palestinians help the girl soldier to drag the heavy iron door. Only three people go out, on foot, and then they all enter. The donkey breaks free again and flees in the direction of Israel. This time the soldier succeeds in controlling him, brings him back, passes near the girl soldier for her to stroke his forehead.

We pass through the Hany gate with explanations about the settlements, enclaves and damage to the Palestinian villages.

We visit the plant nursery at the Habla CP which is already closed, a fact that does not prevent the Palestinians from passing through the holes in the fence. Explanations on the Alfey Menashe enclave are given on the main road, as the road to the Ras-a-Tira CP is blocked by a blockade. We visit Azzun.

Our plan was also to be at the Sal’it CP at its opening time – four o’clock – according to what our acquaintance G. from Kafr Sur told us. We arrived on time at the CP, and drove a few times back and forth until we found the road leading to it.  There was no traffic of vehicles which eoulf have indicated the existence of a nearby CP. After we drove a few minutes on a bad dirt track, we arrived at a CP which seemed abandoned.

We waited for about twenty minutes until we gave up and went home. Later it turned out that the gate is opened from time to time with a delay of an hour and that it was best to arrive around 13:00 hrs, as recently it is being opened every day at noon as well.