Eyal Crossing, Habla

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  Amira Ityel, Yael Sadan; Translator:  Charles K.

Seam zone, Eyal CP

We gave Lynn Reid Banks, a British author, a special tour.  She wanted to learn about our activities in order to write articles for The Guardian and The Jewish Chronicle.

Yael Sadan was the official guide and driver; I was the assistant and the contact person with Lynn.


The  army opened the gate late (13:24).  People said they delay the closing for late arrivals.

An angry man said the soldiers asked him to open the gate for them.  He refused.  “What – do I work for them?”  The following day they punished him by making him wait in line.

Next week is Eid el Adha.  They told us about the process of obtaining visas to Saudia Arabia.  “It’s even harder to get a visa than to obtain a magnetic card.”

We drove to Eyal checkpoint, and described what it’s like there in the morning when 10,000 Palestinians crowd through the fenced corridor.  The civilian security guard was proud of the improved conditions at the checkpoint, providing shelter from the rain and sun and cold.  It was easy for him to express pride at 15:00 in the afternoon when the fenced corridor is empty and only a few people are returning from work.

We asked a Palestinian about construction work.  He makes an average of NIS 300/day.  70% of the laborers don’t receive benefits.  He said that during the holiday thousands of travel permits will be granted.  The guard also mentioned it.

Our guest kept asking whether we don’t find it very difficult to live here, whether we don’t prefer to move to another country…

Following the tour we took her to meet Uri Avneri.  They’ve been corresponding.