Khirbat Tana: Settlers drove out the shepherds along with the herds at midnight

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Fathiya Akfa (phone report by Munir)

Yesterday, Wednesday, at midnight, settlers accompanied by soldiers and Kobi, the current military security coordinator, known to the Palestinians, went down to Khirbet Tana, east to Beit Furik.

The people there live in caves. They make a living by raising animals: herds of sheep, cattle and goats.

The settlers drove them out with their herds in the middle of the night to Beit Furik.

Khirbet Tana is 6 km from Beit Furik and the road there is very narrow - less than two meters wide. On one side is a wadi and on the other side there are mountains.

I was there a few years ago and saw how they live.