Madama - Soldiers in the streets, breaking into houses

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Carol Cook and Fathiya Akfa (report and photos), Translation: Danah Ezekiel

13:15 Azzun - The entrances to Azzun are closed.  Soldiers in the tower near the entrance and others walking around the area.

At the entrance to al-Funduq both positions are manned.

13:40 Sura checkpoint is closed. Two positions of soldiers at the turn from the Jit junction to the Yitzhar Hawara road. There were no Palestinian vehicles on the road.

Hawara, most of the shops are closed except for 3 auto repair shops and some grocery stores. The main road is empty.

We went to the Hawara checkpoint. There were a lot of soldiers walking around the square in front of the checkpoint, so we couldn't even get close to the checkpoint.

We continued to Beit Furik. On the way, the Awarta checkpoint was open. We couldn't get close here either. As soon as they saw that our vehicle had stopped on the road, they called us to leave.

Beit Furik checkpoint is open. Long convoys of vehicles in both directions.

Burin - We were surprised to see a convoy of vehicles on the road inside Burin. It turns out that people are going to Nablus and coming back using  a long dirt road that goes through Burin and through Madama.

15:30 Madama - We went to Madama to check what happened on Friday 5.1. A group of soldiers arrived at the village on foot. The soldiers brutally entered several houses. They went up to one of the houses which was on the second floor. The house was closed. The owners were at work. The owner of the barbershop that is under the house spoke to the soldiers and told them that the owners of the house were at work. The soldiers pushed him and continued. They broke down the front door, entered, opened the cupboards, took out and threw the contents around, creating real chaos.

In another house, they locked up the women who were in the house and women soldiers stripped them. When they left, they threw smoke grenades and gas grenades in the middle of the road and shut the worshipers in the mosque.

At 16:00, when we went down to the street, a group of 10 soldiers walked down the street swaggeringly. A soldier who went last approached our driver and demanded that he turn off the car and the phone. We stood some distance away and saw that all the soldiers were kneeling behind a truck parked on the side of the road and the guns were drawn and aimed.

The driver was very afraid that his car would be confiscated, so we left. I keep trying to call him to find out what happened after we left but there’s no answer.

Close to the second entrance of Madama on the Yitzhar road near the bridge, (an entrance that had been closed for a long time) we saw a convoy of vehicles leaving Nablus through the village of Tell and a group of soldiers bringing them back on their tracks.

16:30  On the way to the bus stop near the Kedumim settlement, we saw about 10 young Palestinians lying handcuffed with their faces on the ground.