Etzion DCL

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Shlomit Steinitz, Daniela Yoel (recorded) Translation: Naomi Gal

10:30 to 12:45

There are nine cars in the parking lot, the waiting room is empty. We don’t understand why. Whoever arrives is let in right away but that does not mean he gets what he wants. Still later, someone arrived, knocked on the partition and shouted: "Soldier, Soldier?"

For several months already there are no magnetic cards. IDF has no money.

Two people come out with transit permits. Two others get a permit for a meeting at the consulate.

A man arrives to receive the vehicle that was taken from him because he transported iron. He has to pay3000.

Another man says he works in the settlement Beitar Illit. He can’t get a permit. "They tell me I am GSS prevented, I don’t know why, how do I solve the problem?"

Another one says that his wife has cancer and he is prevented and has no idea why on earth. He asked that we go in and ask on his behalf, but they didn’t let us in. Shlomit gave him the phone numbers of someone who writes affidavits and Sylvia’s phone number.

To another GSS prevented they promised that in 2015 the prevention period would end. Now they tell him it will end in 2017. They keep postponing the date. The man asks "Why do they do this to me?" "Because they can".

And there is a resident of Artas, all his brothers have permits, he doesn’t.

Someone arrives because his car was taken, in the form he got it says: "committed the listed offenses plus a seventh one”. What does that mean? Who has an idea? It’s impossible to read the offense, the writing is completely blurred. Even an Israeli would have been acquitted from an illegible traffic ticket. Shlomit gave him the phone number of an attorney. He needs to write a forgiveness letter for something he didn’t do.

Whoever needs to get to the hospital has to bring an invitation from the hospital.

A young man arrives and displays a fine form for  250 because he drove without a seatbelt. The amount is written as well in words: "Two hundred and fifty shekels." When he arrived at the post office he was told that the computer shows that the fine is:7500 and they refused to take the payment of 250 . He is now looking for the policeman who wrote the ticket but the cop is gone. Shlomit tried to call the number listed on the fine ticket and fell into a Kafkaesque labyrinth: "Help", "Special Instructions" "Specific tickets", "Talk to a representative" in short "Go crazy".

At the exit we were glad to see at the square some grass and flower pots - here there is money. Only for magnetic cards there is no money left.