On Route 35, the entrances to the Palestinian settlements are blocked

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Muhammad and Raya Y. Translator: Natanya
דורא - מאפייה מושבתת
דורא - שביתה - מוסך סגור

The Tarkumiya checkpoint, the crossing to the south of the Yehuda mountains, further down the road from Beit Jubrin, is deserted, there are no workers, merchants, no vehicles in the parking lot, no traffic of trucks and vehicles. There is no "life" at the checkpoint.

On road 35, the entrances to the Palestinian settlements are blocked, Idna, Tarkumiya and the entrance to Hebron further down the road.

Tawfik from Khursa calls and reports that the situation is very difficult, very bad, soldiers are searching their houses. In addition, a few days ago a man was killed who was thought to have shot in the direction of the pillbox. The Palestinians feel humiliated.

Hamdi from the grocery store in Tel Rumeida reports to us by phone (we do not have permission to enter):

The passages from the Jewish neighbourhoods around the Cave of the Patriarchs, into the Palestinian territory H1, have become long, tiring and exhausting

Everything which beeps, shoes, has to be taken off searched and this includes the women. Each time the passage takes at least 15 minutes, which makes life unbearable.

Raniya tells us and sends us photos from Dura about the general strike of all the residents of the West Bank, including all the traders in the West Bank today.

 The strike was organized following the war in Gaza. That's why there was probably no traffic and very few people walking around the intersections.