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Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Tal H.

“Netanyahu is your and our tragedy, Sinwar is our and your tragedy”

said a man standing with me for a friendly talk at a street corner.

I came at the sliver of time between the closing down of the checkpoint and the barred thoroughfares and was told that times now are even more limited - closing off the pedestrian checkpoint has been pushed back to 5 p.m.

I heard from acquaintances about the despair and the closureinfo-icon that has been ongoing now for over four months, and about the lack of livelihood and food and about the villages and town throughout the West Bank that are all closed off, and that to get here, to Qalandiya, in order to work as vendors, one must sneak and use bypass tracks and go through Hebron. I saw a 14-year-old boy (in the photo) trying to make a few shekels, and couldn’t help thinking about another boy of the same age, who at another checkpoint was defined as a terrorist and was shot and killed, (, and I thought how much despair there is, no horizon, no bit of light at the end of the tunnel, all of which drive him, his family and friends, to the point where a desperate child takes a knife and comes to face armed men.

This child is only an example of many many others, grownups and children alike, for clearly anyone observing them realizes that the state of things in the West Bank is about to reach a violent, bleeding explosion.

Walls are bound to fall and partitions to crumble. Some crumble because of the power of resistance of the people against whom they were erected, like that barrier which restricts human passage and sends people hundreds of meters away to a detour. Here is the top part of the metal barrier that fell or was made to fall, to the delight of many, including my own.

On my way back, between here and there, four armed men (two policemen, a security guard and a soldier at the inspection post) took away my ID, blocked my way, lied to me that I wasn’t allowed to stand at the Palestinian side of the checkpoint because (that’s what they said) of an edict issued by the regional commander that forbids it, and I have violated it. If that is not enough, the senior policeman started vulgarly expressing his opinion that I’m not normal, I need psychiatric help etc. etc. “Write down all her coordinates and open an official event page”, he instructed his subordinate. “I took them down, I opened a file” the subordinate answered him subserviently. Which means that somewhere in the police files there’s a complaint about my invented violation.

No doubt the event is one of the typical signs of the time. No doubt, all these people want - who faced me, armed - is to placate the boss. This is the spirit of the present Internal ‘Security’ Minister.