Khalet Ad-Daba’ - the settler Amichai Shilo invades with his herds

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Michal; Translator: Natanya
ח'לת א-דבע - הכתובת בקלטית יומנו יגיע ובערבית אל תפיל מידי את ענף עץ הזית

We went to At-Tuwani find out how our friend is, to take the boxes of groceries that had been donated by the Rabbinnical Voice for Human Rights, that we had stored there and bring them to Khalet Ad-Daba.

Nasser says that 3 days ago settlers wearing uniforms came to the abandoned hill which had been Abu Hani's house to dismantle and take what he left.

The volunteers came to photograph them and then the settlers threw stones at them. The police were called, and the army also arrived. This time the settlers ran away but the police said that the area was forbidden to enter, it had become a closed military area. This is the way things are done.

He further adds and says that there are daily incidents with Havat Ma'on settlers. They simply go with their flocks into the fields of the At-Tuwani people and the sheep eat everything that grows there. The police who arrive chase them off, but the problem is not actually solved.

Bassel says that he is travelling together with Yuval Avraham tomorrow to the Berlin Film Festival which will open on February 15 with the film they both made, No Other Land. We were of course happy and wished them success.

(At the time of writing the report, the echoes of what is happening at the festival have already reached us).

We continued to Khalet Ad-Daba’ with the food packages. We met the talented painter there who decorated the houses there with interesting inscriptions and paintings as we had already photographed, but I could not resist and took another picture of the house with the inscription in Arabic, the translation of which is: Do not take the branch of the olive tree from my hand and next to it an inscription in Celtic which means in English: Our day will come. This is how the volunteer from ISM, the Irish painter, explains to me. He also explains where his support for the Palestinians comes from, whose struggle reminds him of the struggle of the Irish against the English.

Jaber also says that two days before settlers came with dogs and chased the shepherds from his family. He called the Palestinian DCO who promised to inform the Israeli DCO and the army. None of them came to their aid. Fortunately, the settlers left after half an hour and allowed them to continue grazing. On the day we arrived, we saw on the ridge an ATV with settlers speeding to Mufaqara.

So, first phoned to see what was happening and went there to see the settlers coming with their herds to their plots and shouting and cursing "Let’s see if you are  men and can evict us, this is our land not yours".

The settler is Amichai Shilo who settled on the hill in front of them and returns and invades with his herds shouting and threatening. We received the attached video; we could only photograph from a distance as the photos will show.

This is the increasingly strict occupation routine since 7.10.23