Stink of occupation and the stench of the overflowing sewage

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Shlomit S. Ora A.

10:45 At the entrance we were greeted by a double stench: the stink of occupation and the stench of the overflowing sewage. Many people were waiting in the hall. The walls bore photographs of maps and orders announcing the expropriation of land. We sent the photographs and maps to Hagit Ofran.

A man whose lands are about to be confiscated at Yeta, (a Palestinian city 13 km south of Hebron) approached us. We gave him Hagit’s phone number. We met a man who said that his case was trialed at court that decided on prevention from entering Israel which is supposed to be removed in six months (probably in half a year his "dangerousness" would expire). The case was handled by a lawyer from a Palestinian Human Rights Organization, that employs lawyers who present at court, as well. An elderly man told us he had an accident while working in construction in Israel. Fortunately, he survived, but suffers from medical problems. Twice a week he gets medical treatment, once at Hadassah Hospital and once at the Medical Center Makor Baruch. Although the treatments have been going on for about a year, he could not get a long-term entry permit, but only for the days of treatments, and hence, every week he has to report to DCL to get an entry permit. We referred him to Hannah Berg, who has a magic

Translation: Naomi Gal