Etzion DCO: The Shin Bet summons people to a meeting and dries them for hours

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginsburg


5 cars in the parking lot, one of which is Israeli with a religious Jew....who disappeared. 3 men sitting in the area of confiscated vehicles. 


One man was called in by the GSS ....needless to say he had been waiting since 9am. While we were there we saw no one exiting.


A young man who lives in America with his wife and newborn babyinfo-icon wants to go back and came in for a security check accompanied by his father. 


A man told us that his brother-in-law is married to an Jewish woman who converted to Islam.  They knew one another for years and since they were 16 they have been together. They have six children. Her family has cut her off. He learned from his own home and also from the Jewish families whom he had worked for how to punish children without beating them. He sends his children to be privately educated and pays 4000 shekel  a year for each one as he says afterwards they will be able to stand on their own feet.


Another man was accused of throwing out trash in a forbidden area. There was no reason for him to do so as in the village there is a special place and the truck that was confiscated from him belongs to the municipality.  He also has photographs of the driver who DID throw out rubbish there but does not want to say anything as he did not want to rat on a fellow Palestinian and he also did not want have trouble him. He also has a witness from Wadi Fukin to give evidence that it was not he who threw rubbish there.  


Later we saw that an official was warning him that if he was seen in the same place  again, the truck would be confiscated and not returned to him. We wonder if this would have been the case with an Israeli driver. 


He had to sign a paper to say he had been warned. Again we ask how someone can sign a paper which he cannot read. We stopped to photograph and the  official....we do not know how to designate him.... was furious that Shlomit phoned him and she said that we were allowed to photograph people in a public area. He swore at us and argued that we were not allowed to do so and said that we had a chutzpah so we returned the compliment but refrained from cursing his mother. And drove off.