Etzion DCL

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Clair Oren Translation: Naomi Gal

19:10 – 10:50

Prevention inflation

2 open windows. I forgot to mention in previous reports the state-of-the-art improvement bestowed on window No. 3: a frame of small lights and above the place where the Palestinians have to lay the permit/card/ID there is a sign one has to turn one’s eyes toward. The camerainfo-icon identifies the person and all the information about him appears on the computer screen...

2 women soldiers are sitting, both new here and probably new to the army, they are very cheerful and pleased with themselves. One of them is particularly loud. Occasionally they start singing (including "HaTikva") and voicing statements glorifying the state and the army (probably on my behalf). They are conducting an animated conversation with the security guard while checking people – the booth’s door is open.

A young woman from Jordan arrives. She has a visa and passes without a problem but her friend or relative, who was supposed to accompany her, does not pass. She has no permit and is under the age of 50 (from the age of 50 and up no permit is needed). The Jordanian woman’s explanations about not knowing anything or anyone here and not wanting to enter alone do not help.

I've never seen such a scope of prevention. During the shift, about 30 people were notified that they are prevented. The computer screen becomes red and it is impossible to argue. 3 of them were older men passing almost daily. I know them well. They were quite shocked. Everyone reacted with astonishment and prevention announcements provoked an amused expression on everyone around the prevented. This is apparently a new policy of increasing the indiscriminating punishment.

Most of the time there were no lines. According to testimonies of international volunteers who came from Bethlehem, there was no pressure on the Palestinian side either.