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Neta Golan Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

I drove a patient and escort from Rambam Hospital in Haifa to Jalameh Checkpoint and stayed to observe.

14:20 - Women who work in agriculture were getting out of a minibus and hurrying to the entrance to the terminal.  They crossed through the terminal building.  The terminal at the entrance could not be seen and in its place was a wall and closed door.    People crossed quickly apparently without being checked.

There was a short break.  The parking lot was nearly empty, and was clean and orderly.  There were benches and a few tables surrounding the parking lot and under the waiting shed.

After a few minutes more minibuses began to arrive with young men and women. Most were agricultural workers and carried bags or knapsacks with fruit: citrus fruit, bananas, onions, and celery.  One gave me a huge sweet tangerine. Most live in Jenin and the surrounding area and work in the kibbutzim near Afula, Tiberias, and Beit Sean. 

An elderly man from A'anin whom I know was pleased to see me.  He was returning from Hadera.  He asked if he would see me tomorrow at A'anin Checkpoint and was disappointed to learn that I would be there only on Thursday.  I told him that other members of Machsom Watch would be there tomorrow.  A'anin Checkpoint is open only on Monday and Thursday and is only open each day during the olive harvest.

We seldom visit Jalameh Checkpoint, which is located on the green line, and people don't know us here. People looked at my Machsom Watch tag and I explained what I was doing.  Someone wished me good health until the age of 120 (a bit too long).

I left at 15:00. More minibuses were arriving bringing workers returning from work.  There is traffic in both directions of vehicles belonging to Israeli Arabs.