Sha'ab al Butum – settlers attack and then complain that the victims threw stones at them

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Michal; Transoator: Natanya

Reporter: Michal; Transoator: Natanya


After the previous day's events in Sha'ab al Butum we went to visit, support and help as much as we could. So first we went to Hura to the grocery store and filled the car with food items thanks to the donations from the members.

When we arrived, we were happy to meet Erela, Yair and Ron from the Village Group and with them Ilana Hammermann whom we know. Ilana says she does not know if she will find words to write about what is happening and is as shocked as we are by the evil and violence of the settlers who are backed by our forces.

Yesterday, as we already published, the settlers attacked and then complained that members of the Jabarin family threw stones at them. Without investigation, they arrested Muhammad the father and two of his sons on the charge of throwing stones. When we arrived, Leila was obviously worried and disturbed about the fate of her husband and sons but insisted that we eat and drink.

Erela updates that Muhammad will be released on a bail of NIS 1000, but Shadi, another son, has been summoned for questioning now. Sounds like a prisoner exchange deal on behalf of a body that is unwilling to admit that there is no justification for this arrest. It is comforting to know that they have legal protection from the Human Rights Defenders Foundation - Attorney Riham is a criminal lawyer and Attorney Kamar deals with land and real estate matters.

When we returned, we were later reported that everyone had been released, but for a bail of thousands of shekels.

Why these fines?

Because they can.