Etzion DCL

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Ora Ardon, Shlomit Steinitz, Daniela Yoel (recorded) Translation: Naomi Gal

We’ll drink their Time

10:00 to 13:00

About 45 people are waiting; the parking lot is full of cars. On our way to the DCL a Jew passes us, he seems observant and God-fearing, and he tells us: "You handle animals’ rights, as well," Did he mean to say that Palestinians are animals? 
From nine to nine thirty they let people in and then they stopped. People had numbers but still they decided it wasn’t worth their time and left. Yesterday, too, people who had a high numbers gave up and left early. There is no work in the territories at all, the option of getting an entry permit entails endless loss of time and chances are slim.

Shlomit sent a text to DCL office: more than forty people are waiting. And the polite reply: "But we are working as usual, we let people in half an hour ago, there is only one computer, there are not enough soldiers to handle such a large population." People are losing workdays – but who cares. One of the waiting people showed us a receipt for the total of ₪ 130 but he was asked to pay₪ 160.

Palestinians are forbidden to walk at the Gush Junction they have to arrive by cab. One more harassment. Shlomit turned to attorney Ity Mak about it.  
Yesterday as early as one o’clock they sent people home. Their time is worthless. One said that yesterday they sent him home with no explanations. They opened at 12:00 and at one they were told to leave.  
We again heard the Palestinians telling us: "You are not doing anything."

11:45 three people came out with magnetic permits and three passing permits. They could increase the pace, but who cares.

Shlomit asked Hannah Berg to call. People are fasting and are half dead. 
Everything here is “as if”. There is a TV screen, there is a devise issuing numbers, there are friendly signs: "Welcome", "Ahalan Vesahalan!" but it is all as if. Inside, behind the turnstiles, they work according to - "What's the rush?"