Duma: settlers harm the body, soul and property of the residents

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Anat Polak, Fathiya Akfa (report)

We intended to go to Duma, but the head of the local council asked us to arrive after 2 p.m. because he had to be in Nablus and would only be back around 2. So we used the time to see what is going on at Huwara.

1:30 p.m. – Azzun – the gate between Azzun and Nabi Elias was closed. Both entrances to Azzun were closed, we saw no Palestinian vehicles on the road. There were many soldiers around the entrance, and the watchtower was manned.

1:35 p.m. – Funduk - two army posts, soldiers manning them with drawn guns.

Jit Junction – the entrance to Sara village was closed so the road from there to Nablus was devoid of vehicles; four manned army posts at the turnoff to the Yitzhar-Huwara road just before Havat Gil’ad outpost.  We saw no Palestinian vehicles.

Huwara – the Checkpoint was closed. The old checkpoint was lit up, army vehicles and soldiers were nearby so we didn’t dare enter the car-park for fear of confronting the soldiers.

The main road to Huwara was empty, only soldiers were seen there with their drawn guns, army posts on both sides of the road, in addition to where they have situated themselves on the roof of the tall building.

Several shops were open – a grocery store, a shop selling babyinfo-icon goods, two garages and a small bakery at the corner, who claimed they received a license to open.

Opposite the entrance to Beita we saw an army post and several soldiers inside a pickup truck.

Za’tara Junction was full of soldiers, at the bus stops as well.

3 p.m. – Duma village. The entrances are blocked by dirt dykes. People must take the muddy track through the olive groves. Soldiers standing on the road turn them back claiming the Palestinians throw fire bombs (which is a lie, of course).

The head of the local council, Sliman Dawabsha welcomed us and thanked us for asking about them and distributing what we hear about their suffering. He told us how much the colonists harass them (Esh Kodesh colonist outpost) and the soldiers who walk around the village streets the whole time. The colonists did not let Palestinians harvest their olives and even shot and wounded the grove-owner who dared harvest in his own area, and burnt 4 vehicles belonging to his family members. In addition, the colonists have taken over all the village water springs.

Threatening to shoot them, a colonist by the name of Elhanan chased away the entire Bedouin group who live east of the village, not far away. He stole their sheep so they left their homes and moved to live elsewhere in the village, in tents. The colonist has seen to it that they do not come back, and has blocked the entrance to their area.

In the villages of Qusra, Jawarish and Qaryut, too, all entrances are blocked. When someone falls ill and must see a doctor, death awaits as people finally manage to move the patient.

Duma village owns lands that have been confiscated in order to pave a road that would connect the colony of Shilo to Road 60.

We left at about 5 p.m.