Etzion DCL

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Shlomit S. Ora A.; Translation: Naomi Gal

10:30 two improvised checkpoints were set on the way to DCL   Traffic flowed without delays. The parking lot was not crowded. About a dozen people were waiting in the hall.

As soon as we arrived we heard the story about the man who is unable to enter his home for months now. His home is on the Israeli side of the wall near Bethlehem Checkpoint. A few months ago, when he returned home as usual, they refused to let him through the checkpoint and informed him that he is GSS prevented from entering Israel. Since then they are not letting him return home. All his efforts to cancel the prevention were in vain and he had to stay in Bethlehem. They didn’t disclose the reason for the prevention. His family continues to live in their home after a bitter legal battle. The family lands were expropriated and the family sued the state. The Supreme Court of Justice ruled that their lands must be returned to them. Is there a connection between the Supreme Court ruling to this sudden prevention that forbids one of the plaintiffs to live in his house?

The man with the backhoe we met last week approached us. He paid the required NIS 4,000 to redeem his backhoe. He was told he should contact inspector Yitzhar so he would open the gate and give him back his backhoe. He called several times, but Yitzhar did not answer. He has no way to find Yitzhar’s cell phone number and there is no answer on the landline. We tried to find out how he can release his backhoe.

A few GSS prevented approached us and we referred them to Sylvia. Some people arrived and they were let in one by one. The passage was calm and quiet.