Etzion DCL

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Daniela G.,Maya BH (reporting)

14:30  Etzyon DCO. 15 cars in the parking lot, and small clusters of young people.  Only 4 people waiting indoors:  A woman applying for her first magnetic card, accompanied by her father.  She wants to work in Jerusalem, where she last visited as a child, and she wants to learn Hebrew.  An Israeli woamn with 2 kids is hoping for family unification, and says she is treated well by the authorities.

Nothing is moving, and the soldier explains that something is wrong in the system, and it is slow.  "We hope to fix it by the end of the week".  And meanwhile?  "There is a crowd inside, I'll let them in in 15 minutes".

Over 25 minutes later, upon hearing that there is almost nobody waiting, he lets in all three who want in.