The situation in the village is relatively calm

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Ronit Ramati (phone report)

A., from the village Sawiya, near Nablus, spoke with me on the phone today.

He says they have things relatively easy. At the moment they can travel on Road 60 (the village is right on the road), but refrain from doing so after dark.

In order to get to Nablus, they must make a detour that lengthens the route and the time it takes considerably. There are not many colonist harassments or raids of the army there.

As an individual with a family who holds a permit and makes his living (usually), he prefers to keep himself safe, wait quietly for the war to end and the difficult days to pass.

He says he does not post ‘Like’ anything on the social media. Still, he was blacklisted by the secret services lately, (we did petition for him a few years back, and the prevention was lifted at the time. He did have a permit until war broke out.)

We parted, hoping for better days…