Checkpoint 300 between Bethlehem and Jerusalem - December 2014

A report by Yoram Cohen, Israel TV Channel 1


Irtah - 4.2.15

Some people are always trapped between the bars

Photographer: Ben Singer

Qalandiya checkpoint 19.04.13

Photographer: Itamar Tene

Za'tara/Tapuach checkpoint 18.04.13

A unit of trained military dogs exercises on a private vehicle of Palestinians

Photographer: Yudith Levin

Tura/Shaked checkpoint 14.04.13

Children on their way to school waiting for checkpoint sleeve to open to cross.

Photographer: Ruthi Tuval

Qalandiya checkpoint 31.3.31
A baby of two months with heart disease transferred from Palestinian to Israeli emergency kit
Photographer: Tamar Fleishman
Oranit bus depot 07.03.13

Demonstration against the Israelis authorities who forbid Palestinians to use Israelis buses in the West Bank.  Photographer: Esthi Tsal

Qusra village 21.02.13

A car set alight as part of the activities of "Price Tag" by the settlers

Photographer: Yudith Levin

Ras abu Sbeitan/Zeitim checkpoint 05.02.13

Children and teacher of "Lazarus" kindergarten cross after waiting 15 minutes.

Photographer: Anat Tueg

Suseya, Hebron vicinity 24.12.12

Demolitions in Suseya by the IDF.

Photographer: Michal Tsadik

Qalandiya checkpoint 04.12.2012

Photographer: Tamar Fleishman

Haris 13.11.12

While waiting for the court hearing, the bulldozers arrived without warning

Photographer: Alix Knell Weizmann