House demolition in Abu el Ajaj, Jordan Valley

An interview with one of the families of the Da'aysh comunity in Abu el Ajaja after the IDF demolished ten houses in the village and left many...


Qalandiya checkpoint 19.04.13

Photographer: Itamar Tene

Za'tara/Tapuach checkpoint 18.04.13

A unit of trained military dogs exercises on a private vehicle of Palestinians

Photographer: Yudith Levin

Tura/Shaked checkpoint 14.04.13

Children on their way to school waiting for checkpoint sleeve to open to cross.

Photographer: Ruthi Tuval

Qalandiya checkpoint 31.3.31
A baby of two months with heart disease transferred from Palestinian to Israeli emergency kit
Photographer: Tamar Fleishman
Oranit bus depot 07.03.13

Demonstration against the Israelis authorities who forbid Palestinians to use Israelis buses in the West Bank.  Photographer: Esthi Tsal

Qusra village 21.02.13

A car set alight as part of the activities of "Price Tag" by the settlers

Photographer: Yudith Levin

Ras abu Sbeitan/Zeitim checkpoint 05.02.13

Children and teacher of "Lazarus" kindergarten cross after waiting 15 minutes.

Photographer: Anat Tueg

Suseya, Hebron vicinity 24.12.12

Demolitions in Suseya by the IDF.

Photographer: Michal Tsadik

Qalandiya checkpoint 04.12.2012

Photographer: Tamar Fleishman

Haris 13.11.12

While waiting for the court hearing, the bulldozers arrived without warning

Photographer: Alix Knell Weizmann