'Azzun 'Atma, Bruqin, Haris, Kifl Harith, Kufr alDik, Wed 11.9.13, Morning

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Susie A.,Ruthi B.Z., Dafna A., Sara'le A., Devorka A. (reporting), with Nadim. Translator Hanna K.




09:30 Kufr Al-Dik. We arrived in coordination with Hannan the organizer, after she approached us to renew the activities with the women after a long vacation since the Ramadan.


The plan was that Susie and Ruthi would work with the women in the club, while Daphne, Sara'le and Dvorka would go on a tour.


We entered the club which had by now moved to a new and beautifully renovated place, but contrary to the usual procedure where a group of enthusiastic women greets us, this time there was only the deputy organizer waiting for us. Another woman and the organizer herself joined us later. It seemed the club was not prepared to any activity, even the sewing machines were not yet connected to the electricity.


After a deliberation between Susie, Ruthi and Hannan we got the impression that she is mainly interested in production for sale, but does not yet find the means to accomplish this. It was decided to try a different approach in handicraft. It seems we shall resume activities in the club after the holidays only, in the hope that till then the place will be prepared for work.


We also met Halla, the organizer of the first women's club where we began the activities in the village. She and a group of women and children were the last group who arrived this summer for the Sea Day. Halla cited enthusiastically the praises she heard from her friends of the wonderful holiday they had experienced. When we talked about the water hardship in the village she remembered that when they were at the sea one of the small children got very excited about the strong stream of water from the showers on the beach (a thing they are not used to in the village) and called the other children to come and enjoy the shower.


Following Halla's initiative a group of sick people from the village will go on a trip to Tel Aviv at the end of the month. This trip too will be arranged for them by the "water women".


In the coming weeks this women's club too will move to another building, after it will be renovated. We again discussed the renewal of activities with the women and perhaps English tuition for youth.


11:15 We left in the direction of road No. 5 via Bruqin. From Bruqin it is easier, though not less irritating, to see the rows of red roofed houses which were built this year as an expansion of the Barouchin settlement. We got the impression that on this ridge many prefabricated elongated houses were added, probably industrial buildings.


We passed from Haris to Kif'l Haret'. The streets are almost empty, except for a big group of mourning men who were sitting on chairs along the main road, and a group of high-school girl students who returned from school.


After a "visit" at the "tomb of Kalev ben Yefune" which was once open to visitors, we drove to see the place where, last winter, a number of house which the inhabitants built on their olive areas, were destroyed. As already mentioned, the buildings were destroyed under the pretext that they had been built on the C Zone. Everything seems mad, because among the destroyed houses are scattered other houses, some old, and others in different stages of building, some which are ready and finished. It is impossible to understand the logic and the wickedness of the occupation.


12:30 On the way back we passed through Azzun Atma and near the new delineation of the fence. At Azzun Atma the gate was, as usual, open and at this hour there is no passage of students of workers. The place seems almost abandoned, but for the soldiers' booth.


All along the route we didn't see military cars or soldiers, except for one command-car which was parked near the hitch-hikers station on the way up to Elkana settlement, to guard our settlers.