'Azzun 'Atma, Habla, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 18.4.13, Afternoon

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Nurit P., Judith Levin (Reporting and Photographing) Translation: Shelly K.


Za’tara Checkpoint Ceremony:The "Oketz" unit exercises. The unit of trained military dogs in the private vehicles of Palestinians.

13:45 – Habla Checkpoint – A vehicle carrying plants coming from Habla is detained. In the opposite direction, a vehicle carrying earth is not allowed to enter. After numerous telephones to the owners, to the Liason and Coordination Administration etc., lots of talk and persuasion, the soldiers permit the vehicles to enter.

At the inspection points:  A female soldier/inspector does not let a woman and her three children through from the direction of Habla because she did not bring the original birth certificates of the children.

14:24 Huwwara Checkpoint – A command car is parked next to the watch tower at the checkpoint. Possibly changing shifts. Inspection points are unstaffed. At the tower opposite the hitchhiking post, towards the Bracha settlement, there is a guard.

15:15  Two military vehicles are racing through the main street of Huwwara. There is a large presence of army vehicles in this area (Huwwara/Za’tara)

15:35: Za’tara Checkpoint – Two Border Patrol soldiers are near the inspection points – the parking lot is emptied of Palestinian vehicles for this degrading ceremony in which everyone knows his part – the Palestinian passengers exit quietly from the car, the soldiers from the "Oketz" unit train their dogs to enter the vehicles and search for suspicious items in every possible place in the vehicle, including underneath. That’s how the soldiers learn.

16:00 Ariel Industrial Zone – intense construction. It is amazing how fast they build giant buildings.


16:10 Azzun Atma Checkpoint – No crowding at the entrance to the checkpoint. Around the village there is massive activity – different types of bulldozers are changing the landscape.